Does AmpCoil have an affiliate program?

AmpCoil owners can join the AmpCoil Ambassador Program

AmpCoil owners frequently share with us their radical conviction around the efficacy of their system. Most owners wholeheartedly believe in PEMF and frequency technology and are beyond grateful for how regular use has helped to shift their vibration. We believe that to promote a product you need to have your own experience, before recommending it to others.

With this in mind, we have created the AmpCoil Ambassador Program. For those interested in sharing the technology with others, AmpCoil provides training and an online education process to create a wonderful first experience on the AmpCoil System. For those who proceed forward with the purchase of a new AmpCoil System, their ambassador qualifies for a referral fee for a first-time demonstration on the technology, and for the first point of referral which leads to a purchase. Owners are required to have an AmpCoil for 60 days before applying to the program. Please note that practitioners who are running a business in which clients see them for AmpCoil sessions may be fast-tracked into the Ambassador Program.