How does the AmpCoil system work with other supplements, modalities and treatments I am currently doing?

Ampcoil is complementary to many other modalities

The Ampcoil System is complementary to many other modalities, as it works with the body’s energetic systems. Regular use of the AmpCoil System, which sends sound / frequency through an electromagnetic coil delivering a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, supports increased oxygenation and microcirculation as well as assisting with the body’s natural ability to cleanse. These things, in turn, support the body’s organ systems to shift toward their normal, natural state of resonance. When the body is out of balance, the uptake and effectiveness of supplements may be compromised; restoring this balance may influence results. Users are encouraged to monitor usage as dosages may need adjusting throughout your AmpCoil sessions. Many users report that with the guidance of their physician, they are able to decrease the amounts of supplements they are using to maintain balance. Always consult your doctor.